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Local Adventure Guide Business Start-up

Brian Weihs is the kind of guy that every Yakiman needs to know. An expert mountaineer, rock climbing guru, inspiring leader, down-to-Earth trainer, and all-around amazing dude.
We have really found it a privilege to be a part of what many of Brian’s friends and fellow outdoorspersons have wanted to see happen for a long time, for him to go out and grab hold of his guide badge and start making a career of it.
Spring, 2018


Photography, Videography, Branding, Social Media, Graphic Design, Web Design


Brian Weihs, AWA


From AWA’s branding and initial content, to their business plan and marketing strategy – Yakima Design has been there to collaborate with AWA and Brian is on the trail toward a great service for people and businesses in our valley.
It’s not easy getting your name out there. It’s especially not easy jumping through all the regulatory hoops, going from friendly guide to professional, friendly guide. But Brian has the personality, vision, expertise, passion and a huge group of people behind him to make this dream a reality.