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In the process of working with Labbeemint I’ve discovered a deep, personal satisfaction getting to spend time on the farm with local growers.Labbeemint has historically been a company that leeps it’s cards close to the chest, a true hidden gem in the lower Yakima Valley with probabaly the most global impact of any company in the Pacific Nothwest, even rivaling Microsoft. Their mint oils are found in products used by billions of people every day. And the quslity of their team, process and products have been a real joy to display to the public through a new website, video stories, social media, brochures and presentations made for local talks. 
There is a lot more to come, as our videos are in the process of being completed and their new website is being populated with more rich content. 
May 2018 – Present


Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, Video Production, Keynote Development, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Photography