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2019 Campaign Video

Fit & Fun with Volution Fitness – Supporting A.C.E.S

2019 Campaign video
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We’ve partnered with United Way of Central Washington to help tell local stories, capture events and demonstrate the amazing things they do around our local communities to empower individuals and businesses to be connected and Live United.
So many things are happening on a daily basis, things we never see, people we overlook and small, intentional works that are vital to the fabric of our community. It has opened our eyes and given us a vision for the stories that need to be shared – because all it takes is a small spark of inspiration, a (video) vision into an area of need that we could get involved with. There are things we know we have the time, gifts, skills, passion, heart, energy, brain power, experience,  and love to contibute to. In fact, if we don’t, they go wasted and we’re much worse off!
Working with UWCW has been an absolute pleasure, a huge personal benefit and a means of connecting people into what they are doing. If you want to give just a little bit of yoruself to make a bigger impact than you can even imagine, get connected with their team today! 
Fall/Spring/Summer 2018-19


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United Way of Central Washington