Varietal Beer Ad

Fly Fishing Beer Ad –  Summer 2019

Varietal Beer is the best beer in the Yakima Valley. Change my mind.
Really, these guys not only have a great team, great brand, and great location in the amazing little town of Sunnyside – but, there beer is hands down the best tasting beer you’re going to find in the Yakima Valley, Honestly, they may have the best in Washington. Why stop there… Though I grew up on Deschutes, I’d put them head to head with any brewery in the PNW and I think you would be surprised because they’re still so new to the game, yet each of there beers are so different and so close to perfect. 
This summer, a couple of my buds took me to their spot on the Naches where we sadly only caught a few little guys. But…we had 5 big guys in our cooler, crowlers full of delicious beers that we enjoyed thoroughly.
I brought along a 10 gallon fish tank from Petco – $7.99 – and threw my camera inside for some under water shots. Really hard to track the fish and get focus! But it was a fun thing to try. Big thanks to Ryan and Keith, and to Varietal for the great beer and opportunity to make this little spot. 
July 2019 (yes July. No I didn’t copy Balebreaker.)


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